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Experience our relaxing and rejuvenating Jasmine Mint Soak

and the convenient travel size trio of our Balms and Budder. 

Give the gift of HIGHNMIGHTY and let us do the wrapping!!


Bundle Includes:

- 1 HIGHNMIGHTY Jasmine Mint Soak 

-1 HIGHNMIGHTY Daytime Relief Lemon Pepper Balm (7ml)

-1 HIGHNMIGHTY Nightime Relief Eucalyptus Balm (7ml)

-1 HIGHNMIGHTY Citrus Patchouli Body Budder (7ml)

-1 HIGHNMIGHTY Strawberry Vanilla Lip Balm (.3g)

-1 HIGHNMIGHTY Spritz Yo Face Chamomile Mist (10ml)

-1HIGHNMIGHTY Lavender Ginger Body Oil (10ml)


If you are aware of any allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients commonly found in skincare products, please exercise caution when using our products. Individuals with allergies to certain botanical extracts, fragrances, or other skincare ingredients should avoid products that contain those allergens.


Soak & Soothe Travel/Gift Set