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Kristen Ballard

Lemon Pepper Balm

"Any time I need to calm my body, have an ache, cramps or sore muscles i rub in this topical and its what dreams are made of. It soaks into the skin leaving a tingling sensation accompanied by an incredible scent. I also like to lather some on before attending heated yin class. I share with my students and we all vibe. Thanks for making such incredible products babe!!"

It's all about balance and presence... I want to look good and I want to feel even better, so that I can have the best chance of living long and strong in this one vehicle I'm driving... my mind and body.

My HIGHNMIGHTY journey began in my kitchen with a desire to balance mental and physical health utilizing fitness and whole plants. A dedication to a better understanding of myself, led me down a path of self discovery that turned me and the products I created into a resource for others.

Made in Long Beach, CA by a diverse team of talent, we are woman owned and led. Our focus is on quality, accessibility and healing so that each and every user can experience their own HIGHNMIGHTYLIFE


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