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The HIGHNMIGHTY Body Budder Stix Pack:

The Perfect Gift Set

Experience the soothing and hydrating effects of all 6 HIGHNMIGHTY Body Budder Stix, to help keep you feeling good, looking good and smelling good. Our Budder Stix were designed for convenience and easy application.


Made with moisturizing African shea butter, coconut oil and various essential oil blends; invigorating, soothing, relieving.



Perfect for summer hydration.





All Stix are 30ml (1oz)


HIGHNMIGHTY Stix Pack Incudes:

1 Anytime Citrus Patchouli Moisturize Stick

1 Daytime Sandlewood Hibiscus w/zinc oxide Stick

1 Daytime Sandlewood Sparkle w/zinc oxide Stick

1 Evening Jasmine Dust highlight & glow Stick

1 Lemon Pepper Muscle Up & Move Stick

1 Eucalyptus Relief Cool Down Stick


If you are aware of any allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients commonly found in skincare products, please exercise caution when using our products. Individuals with allergies to certain botanical extracts, fragrances, or other skincare ingredients should avoid products that contain those allergens.

The HIGHNMIGHTY Body Budder Stix Pack

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